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We build products to tackle your challenges and monitor their daily performance to make sure they boost your business activity.
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Product design
We help you select the right features to build the most intuitive and compelling product possible.
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Time to market
Efficiency is key to becoming a market leader, that’s why we are constantly refining our approach to reduce our projects’ time-to-market.
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Inspired by Toyota's Lean methodology, we strive to innovate every day to improve the impact of your products.
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The largest React Native team in France with 60 experts at your service.
Meet our team


  • Defining project success

Along with your business objectives, we define KPIs that will help stay on track and recommend the best solutions in building your product.

  • Benchmark and user interviews

Meeting your users and knowing your market is key to identify the right features for your product. We help you define personae, user journeys and the main features for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


Setting up a team

We set up a Scrum team to meet the requirements defined together: 

  • Product owner: a business expert to lead the team by prioritizing features and validating what has been built;

  • Agile coach: in charge of the Scrum method, ensuring compliance with Scrum principles to improve productivity and skills;

  • Lead designer and designers 

  • Software Architects and Developers


Designing your product

  • Screen layout

We design your product iteratively with the user in mind (Lean UX) to make sure it will be successful before it goes live.

  • Screen design

Your brand identity is important for the success of your product. We help you define your brand’s core values and products to apply the right graphic charter to the first screens.


Building your product

  • Your app ready in 30min

Meet "Make", our app builder that automatically generates all the necessary features to launch a project. Our mission is to develop a scalable product delivered in record time.

  • A dedicated team for your product development 

Architects developers and developers help you understand your business, challenges and the technical feasibility of your project. Our mission is to build products that provide the highest value for your users.


Iterating to improve the product

  • Going live in 5 weeks

We work in one-week sprints to continuously improve the product based on your feedback. We have built technical quality standards to make sure your product is maintainable and reliable. Our goal is to go live in 5 weeks.

  • 3 user tests per week

Our goal is to create a product that meets the needs of your users and continuously improve it based on their feedback.


Empowering your teams

  • Training your teams

We help and challenge each other every day to learn new skills from one another. Our tools, methodology, and training are at your disposal to support your technical team speed up feature implementation.

  • Offboarding your teams

We work with you during the entire duration of the project.Our team empowers your technical team with new skills to become fully autonomous both in maintaining the app and on Scrum methodology. 


For the past 5 years, we have helped major brands and startups boost their business and improve their productivity. The experience we have acquired over the years has allowed us to turn ideas into fully functional apps in just a few weeks.
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