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Since 2014

Pioneer of multi-platform in France

BAM is one of the first tech players to have bet on cross-platform technologies from their launch. We have developed a strong expertise in React Native, recognized by the market before launching two new tribes in 2021: Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.

React native

Designed and supported by Facebook. Aiming for simplicity and modularity for developers, React Native enables rapid design of fluid, high-performance, cross-platform applications with native rendering.

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Flutter is the framework developed and supported by Google that offers an alternative to React Native. We use this framework to quickly and easily develop applications on iOS, Android and web platforms by sharing a single code base. With its ease of use and speed, Flutter aims to become the market leader in cross-platform technologies.

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Native technologies

With Swift on the iOS side and Kotlin for Android, we also have teams of developers who are experts in native technologies to meet your needs. We also use Kotlin Multiplatform, the new framework that reconciles cross-platform and native technologiesto benefit from both schools onsome of our projects.

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