Coding Bootcamp

Turn your tech team into mobile development experts

Faced with your company's dynamic growth, do you feel the need to boost your delivery? Are you looking to optimize your production processes? Our program is designed for these requirements. In just 9 weeks, we'll elevate your current talent to an expert level in mobile development, while imparting the best practices of Scrum and Lean methodologies.

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The Coding Bootcamp approach

Groups of 4 to 5 developers supervised by a TechLead

2 weeks dedicated to theoretical training

7 weeks to create a customized project of your choice

Training in Scrum and Lean methodologies to improve delivery

Comment se déroule le Bootcamp ?

"The objectives were brilliantly achieved with a clear project organization and impressive responsiveness. Your proactivity and level of commitment are beyond what we have experienced with other partners. Usually we have to push, but with you we were guided every step of the way. A truly remarkable experience."

Head office of a government ministry

Quelques questions que vous pourriez vous poser (et leurs réponses)

What makes your training program different from others?
Will the training materials and the developed code be available to me at the end of the program?
Can we choose which project the participants will work on during the practical phase?
What is the next step after the training is complete?
How do you ensure that participants make effective progress?

‍Pourquoi travailler avec nous ?

9 ans d'expertise dans le développement mobile
Contributeurs et mainteneurs
de librairies Open Source
Plus de 250 applications mobiles
mises en production
Reconnus internationalement
9 talks en 2022
Experts en performance mobile,
créateurs de l’outil FlashLight
Evaluation moyenne de 4,5/5
de la part des participants

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