Migration to Godot

Migrate your Unity product to Godot

Would you like to migrate from Unity to Godot? We can help you migrate your product, on iOS or Android.

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Why choose the Godot engine?

A free and independent engine

A better code maintainability

A committed community


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Nous proposons 2 approches

1. Greenfield Cross-platform Migration

Il s’agit de développer, par une équipe de vélocité supérieur,
une nouvelle application qui remplacera l’application existante.

2. Minimum Viable Migration

Il s’agit de remplacer progressivement les modules natifs par des modules cross-platform, ce qui permet de continuer à sortir de nouvelles fonctionnalités en production en continue.

Migrer de Unity vers Godot : des avantages au-delà du changement de license

Open Source
The biggest advantage of Godot is that it's completely open source. Identify a missing feature in the engine? You'll always have the keys to add it!
Code clarity and maintainability
Thanks to Godot's scenes and nodes approach, it's easier to get to grips with the
project and iterate on your product.
Lightweight motor
The Godot engine makes the final application lighter for your end-users.
A committed community
The passionate community regularly contributes to its development and to the creation of free plugins. It is extremely active on the various discussion channels to provide support.

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Migrating from Unity to Godot
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