The key to your rental car already in your pocket

The ADA application allows you to rent a self-service vehicle 24/7 or at an agency anywhere in France.

Type de projet
New mobile application
React Native
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Le contexte

The car rental market in France is growing rapidly (+50% in 10 years) and ever more competitive. The aim of ADA? Differentiate yourself by removing the main obstacle to traditional car rental: dependence on a physical agency.

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Notre solution

The ADA application allows you to book your self-service or free-floating vehicle in less than 3 minutes and to manage all the stages of the rental independently. The service is available in +500 branches in France.

A precise service available everywhere

To ensure the accuracy of live data from +10k vehicles, the team chose a Kubernetes infrastructure. The latter makes it possible in particular to isolate and scale the micro service responsible for updating the position and status of vehicles. A vehicle recovery service must be functional under all network access conditions. The team made the application usable offline by internally developing a queuing solution for synchronizing asynchronous calls.

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A POC that has become a consumer product

When ADA, the leader in car rental in France, came to BAM in 2017, it was with the idea of developing a POC (proof of concept) to test and validate the idea of self-service car rental in a few clicks. 2 years later, technical and business challenges were met and BAM continues to develop the ADA application, which has become a consumer application with +65K reservations made on the application.

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Launch moov'in Paris in 10 weeks

Given the success of the application, the challenge for BAM was to develop a reusable white label application to expand the range of services offered. Thus, when ADA launched the Moov'in Paris brand, BAM was able to launch the new application in 10 weeks! Moov'in Paris is a free-floating car rental service with +1000 vehicles on the streets of Paris, and has been helping to fill a deficient mobility market in Paris since Autolib withdrew in 2018!