The app that reduces your carbon footprint


Type de projet
New mobile application
React Native
L’intervention BAM
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Les résultats


Growth of new users in 9 months


Note in the stores

5 months

Time-to-market offer


Le contexte

In 2020, eKwateur is an outsider green energy supplier on the French market that wants to develop its brand image through a new innovative digital project: a mobile application to help French people measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Notre solution

The ekWateur teams needed a technical expert to support them in this mobile project and, above all, reactivity and speed. BAM met their expectations thanks to its React Native mobile expertise and the Lean IT methodology, which in particular allowed production to be carried out in stores much more regularly.

Go from 2.7 to 4.5/5 in stores in 3 months

A few months after the launch of the ekWateur application, the application found itself with a score of 2.7 in stores. To bring it back up, we have:

- integrated an in-app Review module to retrieve user reviews in bulk

- does user tests every 15 days to better identify and understand their needs and frustrations

- evolves the product and develops new key features

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Scaling the increase in the number of users

The ekWateur application grew from 800 to more than 30,000 users in less than a year and it was necessary to adapt the Product and the features to this growth. 

We did this in particular by:

- Integrating the entire carbon balance part into an ekWateur customer area

- Customizing purchasing paths according to the energy consumption of each user

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Emilien Rayon
Emilien Rayon
Chief Information Officer (CIO) ekWateur

What's really appreciated is the fact that they have a real value proposition approach, that they support us completely. Not just in terms of providing development capacity, but really in terms of the product approach. And being able to make suggestions. And also the efficiency and continuous improvement approach in this support.