Dematerialized auctions

BAM supported Drouot in the design and development of a mobile app to meet the growing competition in the online auction market.

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New mobile application
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Le contexte

In a context of increasing digitalization of auction uses, Drouot, a historic and renowned auction house (since 1852), is the reference in France.

Launched several years ago in the digital sector with a marketplace, Drouot has been able to give the sector an initial boost to digitalization.

To position itself against the competition and remain “up to date”, Drouot wanted to enter the app market in order to boost its digital turnover and change the uses of their bidders.

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Notre solution

Launching on mobile will allow Drouot to experience strategic growth by activating and retaining existing users and acquiring new users, including neophytes. The Drouot mobile application will allow you to enjoy a new auction experience, which will combine auction fever and accessibility /mobility, with a first product range that focuses on live sales.

Adapting to complex business rules

Our aim was to create a simple and smooth user experience while taking into account the complexity of the business.

2 elements allowed us to take up this challenge:

- Lean Engineering to design an innovative product in a competitive market

- BAM design tools (BPMN, Lean Design Flow) to ensure delivery of the finished product in 7 months

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Creating an entertaining experience

One of the challenges of Drouot.com is to ensure that the user finds the auction codes in the app. To achieve this, we developed the application using the Flutter multiplatform framework to:

- achieve native performance, for smooth browsing: 120 fps

- easily create micro-interactions to transmit emotions

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Participate in live sales

Drouot's objective on this project is to offer a common experience between bidders in the room, and those on the application.

This required the implementation of a video stream with very low latency: a lag between 200 ms and 500 ms maximum.

Antoine de Rochefort
Antoine de Rochefort
General Director Drouot Digital

It's been great working with you. I found you all to be very committed and result-oriented, and I would wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of you and BAM to others.